September 24, 2009
Diego Maradona - One of the Greatest Players of All Time

<<<<<<<C O N T I N U E>>>>>>>

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September 16, 2009
Inter Milan History

inter-milan-historyThe Early Years

Inter Milan was founded in March of 1908, by a group of men who were tired that A.C. Milan was dominated by Italian players. These visionaries wanted to create a team in which international players and Italian players could play wearing the same jerseys. Thus, the team was given the name, Internazionale Football Club Milano. The many men who found the club, Giorgio Muggiani, Bossard, Lana, Bertoloni, De Olma, Enrico Hintermann, Arturo Hintermann, Carlo Hintermann, Pietro Dell’Oro, Hugo and Hans Rietmann, Voelkel, Maner, Wipf, and Carlo Ardussi many of whom were A.C. Milan players, created a rivalry between the two teams that is visible in Serie A today. Read on …

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