October 10, 2009
The History of FIFA World Cup Since 1974

the-history-of-fifa-world-cup-since-197410th. World Cup (Germany, 1974) :

In 1974 the world first met the Dutch “total football” side. A side brimming with players of great skill, none more than Johan Cruyff. In the final they met the host nation with their own superstar, Franz Beckenbauer. Germany ran out winners, but the Dutch side won many fans with their brand of passing football. The World-Cup in 74 was known as the rock and roll football, a lot of the players were having long hair and beard. They were rebellious and seemed laid back. Read on …

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The Beginning of Soccer

the-beginning-of-soccerEarly Ball Games - Britain - Mob Football

Between the 7th and 9th century in England (including the adjacent areas of Normandy, Brittany, Picardy, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) various ball games emerged. The most popular of them was mob football.It was explicitly violent and played between villages, at the time of celebration and festivity. Read on …

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The History of FIFA World Cup Since 1930

the-history-of-fifa-world-cup-since-1930The World Cup (The Golden Nike) was founded in 1930 by Frenchman Jules Rimet, the creator of the world championship games. The cup was designed and made by a French sculptor, Abel Lafleur. 30 cm in height, weighing 1,82 kg and made of pure gold, the sculpture depicted Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory). In 1950 the statuette was named the Jules Rimet Cup after its founder. It was a trophy passed on to each winner and the team to win the tournament three times got to keep it (Brazil achieved this in 1970). In 1983 the Cup was stolen and it has never been found. The tournament using Jules Rimet Cup was organized for a total of 9 times from 1930 to 1970. The tournament is being organized once in every four years. Read on …

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History of European Football - Part - II

history-of-european-football-part-iiThe History of Soccer – Birth of the Modern Game

Since soccer was growing strong in English public schools, the idea of having an organized tournament sparked in the 19th century. At the beginning of the century, soccer matches between schools were played on a regular basis, but since not every school had the same rules, it was hard to find common grounds for larger tournaments. Soccer also spread beyond the school yard and institutions, factories and other organizations started creating their own teams. Read on …

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History of European Football - Part - I


We’re living in a World where soccer is an international frenzy and to many, even a religion. The fact that a church was formed in the name of Diego Armando Maradona, the Argentinean legendary striker, proves me right. It’s hard to imagine the World without soccer, but *gasp* this world once existed. Follow me through the article below, and I’ll tell you how soccer was born and how it evolved throughout history. Read on …

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